About Greg

Greg loved life! We spent summers on Greer’s Ferry Lake with family & friends swimming, boat riding, and watching eagles. Fall was spent planning for deer season. Nothing, not even a job, kept Greg from being in Leslie, AR for the first week of deer season! And the "big one" always got away!

Greg loved his kids! Sarah and Michael meant the world to him. He loved having a good time with them and was probably (no, definitely) embarrassing some times!

Greg loved his job! He finally found a career of being a school photographer, and he loved it! He had so much fun with the children that he worked with. Davis-Pack by Lifetouch, the company he worked for, named an award for him, The Greg Award, which is now given for someone exhibiting a positive attitude. He would be so proud, unless they are having to sit through a meeting to see who it is awarded to!

Greg loved his immediate and extended family! His mom, Diane Morrison, passed away in 1997 after a battle with cancer. Greg was a momma’s boy in every sense of the word. She had him so spoiled that even at 44 years old he still didn’t think clothes were an appropriate gift for birthdays or Christmas. They were no fun! Charlie Morrison, his dad, was a best friend to Greg. They were two peas in a pod. He was a big brother to Charla and would have gone to the moon and back for her. He was affectionately known as "Geg" and "Greggy" by his nieces and nephews. Greg knew and lived the true meaning of the word "family". He was very close to uncles, aunts, and cousins on both sides of his family. And then there was me. I could write a novel on the stories I have from being married to Greg and sell it for comic relief!

I know that Greg is so proud of what we as a Foundation are seeking to do to honor his memory. Giving of himself to others is what Greg did best, and paying that forward is the best tribute that we as his family could give him. We are better for knowing him, thankful to have loved him, and honored to keep his love for life and his generous spirit going.